A 3-star hotel with history

Stylish hosplitality with a long tradition

The ground on which Pension Suzanne stands is rich in tradition. The beginnings of our hotel date back to the fin de siècle. At this time in the Hofburg Palace, the future of Europe was being determined. Just a few minutes away from the palace, a completely different image of Viennese life could be seen at the turn of the century. On Walfischgasse 4, a certain Miss Suzanne was running an upscale boutique.

Here, she offered the newest hat designs from Paris to high society, and prominent figures such as professor Sigmund Freud, painter Gustav Klimt, composers Arnold Schönberg and Gustav Mahler, author Stefan Zweig, and architect Otto Wagner frequented her shop. Along with the hat boutique, Miss Suzanne also ran a guesthouse in the building. Even at this time, Pension Suzanne was known and valued for its stylish atmosphere.

The Second World War put an abrupt end to the flourishing business, and the building was almost completely destroyed.

A family business with a personal touch

After the reconstruction, the Strafinger family took over the house in 1969. Even though Pension Suzanne appears rather inconspicuous from its outside appearance today, an atmosphere of earlier times is palpable in the interior. The old Austrian furnishings, the warm hospitality, and the style give it its special ambiance. Since 1999, the 3-star hotel has been managed by the 2nd generation of the Strafinger family, Brigitte and Michael. 

Building on what exists and creating something new

The Strafinger family follows this credo with dedication and enthusiasm, and the guests appreciate this dedication in a special way: they always come back. Many regular guests and long-time personnel are a wonderful acknowledgement of Brigitte and Michael's efforts as are the TripAdvisor distinctions: Certificate of Excellence winner in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. The countless positive reviews on various booking platforms are also a reason for celebration. These are all incentives to continue to be a special 3-star hotel with personal charm in the center of Vienna.